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DISN konference

    28. februar 2014
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  • DISN hereby invites you to a seminar on Friday 14th March from 9:00 to 15:00.

    Besides workshops with the theme Assessment there will be CPR training.


    09:00 Welcome

    09:15 Danish sub-committee/AD subcommittee/ Administrative meetings. Each group will report their decisions and recommendations at the plenary.

    10:30 John Hattie's Visible Learning. 
    Presented by Charles Dalton & Shirley Jacobsen

    12:00 Lunch

    13:00 How Rygaards uses the Centre for Evaluation & Monitoring to regularly assess student progress. Presented by Charles Dalton & Shirley Jacobsen

    14:30-15:00 Plenary

    Sign up for the workshop before 7. March .

     CPR training

    09:00 Welcome

    09:15 CPR training for participants who sign up specifically for this .

    12:00 Lunch

    13:00 -15:00 CPR training


    Sign up for the CPR training before 7. March .

    Fee: 450,- Dkr.

    Venue : Esbjerg International School
    Guldager Skolevej 4
    6710 Esbjerg

    Sign up: Please sign up on Danmarks Privatskoleforenings website. Space are limited.