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Portugisisk skole leder efter partner til Erasmus+ projekt

    15. marts 2016
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  • "Let's become mathematicians, shall we?"

    Vi er blevet kontaktet af den portugisiske privatskoleforening AEEP.

    En af deres skoler leder efter en partner til et Erasmus+ projekt

    Programvejledning for Erasmus+ - Europa-Kommissionen

    Læs om skolens tanker i højre spalte.

    Kontakt Simone Dalsgaard, hvis I er interesserede.


    We are a school from the north of Portugal (www.centro-edu-integral.pt) and we are currently searching for schools that can be partners within an Erasmus + partnership between schools. 

    Thus, we would like to present the theme of our application this year:

    Title: "Let's become mathematicians, shall we?"

    Goals: through this project we expect to 

    - improve students' logical/mathematical intelligence;

    - develop students' mental maths, logical reasoning, problem-solving skills and the ability to think in abstract ways;

    - develop students' concentration, persistence and resilience;

    - improve students and families expectations towards Maths, reducing the prejudice against it;

    - create new and more engaging ways to develop mathematical intelligence in students from early age to primary school, middle and secondary school students

    Some suggested activities:

    1. chess tournaments;

    2. tangram, dominoes, puzzles, origami activities;

    3. maths quizes and competitions;

    4. maths and or chess sessions for parents;

    5. classes prepared by students for other students (national or within transnational mobilities);

    6. challenges and competitions to solve Rubick's cube;

    I know that the deadline to hand in such an application in 31st May, but we are truly eager to develop such a project.

    We hope we can hear from you anytime soon!

    Isabel Valente,

    Centro de Educação Integral

    S. João da Madeira, Portugal